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Here are SoftBattery software products. Every product is a freeware or a shareware. The trial version of the latter has neither period nor usage(personal/commercial) limits, but just function limits. You can freely use it and decide to purchase a full license key to remove the limits.
  • Enjoy Freewares
  • Freely Try Sharewares without Period Limits

CalcVendor, a calculator creater is released. You can write a arithmetic, a formula, or a lengthy function with many statements, without knowing JavaScript in many cases. If you know JavaScript, this a must-have tool to help create windows and a button to make a calculator without tedious codings.

AppliCradle, a customizable, easy and simple installer and uninstaller is released. No coding is needed. Just make a few lines of script file. AppliCradle asks not the full license but a license per application, which makes the installer cost much less than other installers do.

A web version of Gaia4D a world clock freeware is released.

Here is how to drive a stepper motor using a PC serial port.

SeriCon, a universal serial (COM) port control program, recently included a new feature that generates 2-wire stepping pulses through RTS/DTR pins. Manual, backward and periodic auto steps can be easily run by buttons and a spinner. Furthermore CTS/DSR/RLSD pins can be used to stop stepping, for the rotating body not to hit something. Go to Motor for details.

PulsePar turns a PC into a multi-channel pulse generator utilizing the parallel port. The period, duty and phase of each channel are adjustable so as to be used in PWM systems as well as in testing servo and stepper (stepping) motors.

ScopePar turns a PC into a multi-channel oscilloscope module utilizing the parallel port, the user interface to which is SeriCon on other PC.

Don't know and don't want to know, how to create a window? Just build your main codes as a DLL instead of a *.exe, and run it by dwTerm. It provides your DLL with the display window to maintain what you draw, and the input command window, as well as a useful handler-scheme and various functions. It also enables you do 2D and 3D graphics even with anaglyph-display. Canvas Commander is one of applications.

UtilPad is a universal utility, with various tools, including file split, merge, and compare. Running under dwTerm, many commands can be processed automatically by scripting.

Tired of typing, spelling or clicking ? TransPad lets you autocomplete search your own list of strings and switch back to your application with the selected string or the one related copied, and also lets you run/open a file if the string is the path. Bored of replacing many strings in a text (to translate or encrypt)? Let TransPad replace a set of strings in a file or clipboard by the related ones, by one click.

F2F is a simple program to compare 2 files, byte by byte.

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